Nevine Sarhan

Nevine Sarhan

Névine Sarhane

I have a bachelor degree in chemistry and biochemistry from faculty of science at the University of Alexandria  . I worked at a medical company as a specialist in quality assurance department and then at quality control.

I am the founder of a brand called Natural Glow which is based on the idea of using only natural ingredients and high quality components to make handmade beauty products. I started Natural Glow in 2012. I am the formulator , I invented more than 15 end products . Natural Glow has a wide range of products, hair products, face care products, lotions and deodorant cream, cosmetics line .

The main idea of the Natural Glow , is to make the skin and hair to glow naturally by using organic components which are also with different percentages to be suitable for all ages .

I always work  to develop my products in my laboratory. I enjoy too much every hour.

It’s like a new birth for each product.