Managing Partner

HR Consultant & Local Partner –Middle East


R&S Management consultancy has started its operation as limited liability
company (LLC) in May 2005 managing MENA Region operations.
Co-founder of R&S- Egypt, and has got in a partnership with R&S International Management Consultancy in Belgium. R&S Management Consultancy – Egypt is considered as one of the first key player to implement true practical role for organization to activate the concept of Human capital & talent management in Egypt and GCC.
Lecturer for MBA students at Arab Academy for science and marine, and also for American University in Cairo for human resources.

Nadia El Shafei, MMLD, PhD

In Human Resources Management 

HR Consultant & Local Partner –Middle East 

Address:- 25 Abdel Wahab Selim El Beshry St.,Plot 4 –Squre 1148

Sheraton Helipolis ,Cairo-Egypt

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