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Ingenieria Hospitalaria SAS

About Company
Date of Establishment: 16 April 2004
About the company :

The company has started it's business 16 years ago under the management of Manuela Gil’s father who has worked all his life in the health sector. Afterward, Manuela continued her father’s journey and led the company along with her husband as of August 2018. Our mission is to inspire and accompany our customers with the support of medical technology in order to save and improve lives. We are working in all areas inside the company to bring the employees to always serve the customer, the thing that makes us different than anyone else in the market.

Target Markets: for Ingenieria Hospitalaria Colombia (Spanish speaking countries in south America in 2 to 5 years). For Agro Industria y Procesos focus in Europe
Founder: Humberto Gil Tobon
Number of Employees: 12
Contact Details
Member Name: Manuela Gil
Title: Bachelor Of Science
Cra 43 c num 7 D – 37, Medellín, Colombia