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Acumen Corporation was established to form and manage securities portfolios and manage mutual funds in 2010 as a subsidiary of Acumen Corporation
The company was established The holding, which has an authorized capital of 200 million pounds, and issued and paid up capital of 30 million pounds.
By an elite group of experts working in the field of investment and asset management who helped lay a solid foundation for the company's growth
In the long term, the Acumen team has been working on managing investments in Egypt since the mid-1990s.
The company has received many awards locally and regionally as a result of its performance outperforming other asset managers in Egypt and the Levant region
Al-Wasat, the most recent of them being the best asset management company in Egypt in 2019 for the next year in a row from Magazine
“International Business Magazine” in the United Arab Emirates, and it is one of the largest economic magazines in the region
Gulf. It also received 4 awards and a certificate of appreciation from the MENA Fund Manager in January 2019
Most awards for the next year in a row among all local and global asset managers in the Middle East region
Candidates for those awards.
The funds managed by the company have also received several awards from international and regional institutions, including the best fund award
Shares in Egypt in 2018 to the Al-Khair Fund from Global Business Outlook magazine United kingdom.

Founder: Rana El Adawy
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Member Name: Rana El Adawy
Title: Chairman
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Cairo, Egypt