BWE 21 is a self financed and independent NGO striving to serve its members who come from wide range of business backgrounds, offering their expertise for the benefit of all members. The organization has seven committees which form the backbone of the organization’s success. Each committee is a specific action group working out ways to reach common goals.

Who should be a member

  • Businesswomen.
  • Professional and Career Women.
  • Women who want to start business.


  • Set up economic environment to upgrade the business woman contribution to the economic development.
  • Assist business woman better comprehend laws and regulations that govern commercial operations domestically and internationally.
  • Represent Business Woman in relevant conferences and economic forums and receive official delegations that have the same scope of activities.
  • Upgrade professional and technical skills needed by business and career woman
  • Work on developing the image of the Egyptian product locally and internationally with the objectives of expanding export.
  • Adopt educational issues that will help upgrade skills of new female graduates to secure significant future contribution of women in the economic development.
  • Work on attracting foreign investment and tourism.
  • Encourage successful career woman to develop entrepreneurial skills.
  • Help set up the social environment for the working woman to encourage her contribution in the economic development.
  • Adopt projects that help reserve the environment and increase awareness among business woman.