3rd Annual Conference for Women for Success - Leveraging Women Network to Excel

18 February 2017

The Third Annual International Conference for "Women for Success - Leveraging Women Netwrok to Excel" was held during the period from 18th to 23rd February 2017 in Cairo and Aswan.  It started by a Gala Opening dinner on 18th February 2017 at the fabulous Manial Palace with a Royal dress code, and in which the famous Egyptian Singer Rola Zaki sang with 7 different languages.  The official inauguration on 19th February 2017 was held at the League of Arab States with the attendance of the Minister of Investment and International Cooepration, H.E. Ms. Sahar Nasr, and the Minister of Social Solidarity, H.E. Ms. Ghada Wally, and also several dignitaries, high officials and foreign ambassadors. The delegates then traveled on 20th February to Aswan where they spent three days in workshops, and visited the famous temples of Kalabsha, Wadi El Seboua, and the great temple of Abou Simbel where the Sun Festival was held at the time.  The conference concluded its activities with a closing ceremony on 23rd February 2017 held at Old Cataract Hotel in Aswan in which Dr. Magdy Yaqoub joined and in which several Egyptian actresses were honoured.



Jean Elsner  (UK)

So what can I say - It has all been said. Many, many thanks for this 3rd conference. It has been spectacular. I am leaving, having spent time with treasured friends from earlier conferences and have met many new ones this time. I'm taking so many wonderful memories back to Germany, as well as new business opportunities that have been established. Yomna, you and your team have done a fabulous job and I was delighted to be of some assistance to you. My very best wishes to you and all of the participants. Ashufek next year everyone. Jean Elsner


Anke Domscheit-Berg  (Germany)

Thank you Dr. Yomna and the organizing team and everyone who worked hard on producing such an impeccable event , the conference truly achieved a great momentum , so ladies let's build on it and keep it going . Looking forward to seeing you all again in 2018 . To all the ladies who returned back to their home countries hope you made safe , it was a real pleasure getting to know you . Good luck to you all moving forward

Sitting at Cairo airport waiting for boarding... I look back to an inspiring week, seeing a great country, meeting incredible women and being happy to have won some friends. I promise, I will come back to Egypt (and maybe visit some of your other home countries too). Next time, I had to promise my husband to take him too. He became really jealous seeing pics from the amazing things we saw 😜. So good bye everybody and keep thinking about new technology and how you can use it to make your businesses even more successful! Anke (on her way to Germany)

Bahia Bejar (Tunisia)

The dream is finish thank you for all the participants, committee and Dr Yomna for this excellent conferences, tourism and network. I return to Tunisia with a great souvenirs.

See you soon.  Bahia


Triska Ehssan Yaseen (Iraq)

Dear Dr. Yomna in my name and on behalf of the Kurdistan Association for

Business Women, I would like to thank you and your team for the great effort you made to make the Third Business Women of Egypt 21 Conference became like what we saw. The Workshops were very useful and helpful to leverage our work.  Thank you to the beautiful time we have spent in Aswan cruise and we were honored to meet .t he ladies from around the globe and have an opportunity to chat and make useful talks. and find business opportunities.  Finally we look forward to implement the M.O.U that was signed between us and achieve the goals of the M.O.U

Triska Ehssan Yaseen - President of Kurdistan Association for Business Women


Hoda Sangoor (United Arab Emirates)

Thank you Dear Dr Youmna for all the efforts and care

Thank you all who were working very Hard to make our trip enjoyable

Thank you beautiful ASWAN and EGYPT

I met beautiful talented ladies that I am proud of and it was great pleasure to be among you all




Fatima Dilawer (Bahrain)

Thank you Dr Yomna and the organising team ,it was successful conference with lovely and beautiful ladies from deferent countries....  i really enjoyed being with you all.....thanks for the Society members for their effort and hospitality ...hope we see you all in our country 🇧🇭 Bahrain


Dr. Hala Jamal (Bahrain)

مساء الخير للجميع

الف شكر للدكتوره يمنى واللجنة المنظمه للمؤتمر

اسعدنا التعرف بكم

ونتمنى رؤيتكم جميعا في البحرين دار الامان والسلام والمحبه


Ann Kleynhans (South Africa)

Yomna and BWE you have been absolutely superb. Thank you for once again a very successful and memorable trip. I have enjoyed each and everyone. I will gladly extend my assistance to anyone that would like to reach out to SA for business.  Blessings. Ann ❤🌹


Corinne Heijn (Netherlands)

It is a great privilege to be for the 3rd time at the Women for Success Conference. Meeting ‘old’ and new friends! Amongst you are already 10 UnitedSucces members. What a reunion and what a foresight to meet with more amazing women! 


Alia Al Ansary (Egypt)

Thank you Yomna and lovely team for organize all things , you made us so happy with lovely and beautiful ladies from different countries ,hope to see all soon.


Magy Selwanes (Egypt)

Good morning all . Really I would like to say a big and special Thank you to Dr Yomna for tolerable, her words and encouraging her soul and her smile is always bright , thank you to everybody organized and all responsible for our conference this year and shared us all the time, special welcome to everyone one share and hope to gather again at next success conferences. ( Women for Success) 😊


Khadiga Balbaa (Egypt)

انا يشكر يمنني وكل  المنظمين  وكل المشتركين الجمال في المؤتمر علي الا ستفاده والسعاده والبهجة التي اضافتها  الصحبة الحلوه دي   خديجةبلبع


Azza Mahfouz (Egypt)

Thank u so much dear Yomna and the organization team for the great efforts , i really enjoyed every moment and so happy meeting the successful and elegant business women

Wish you all the best 😘😘😘👏👏👏


Magda El Ashram (Egypt)

Thank you Dr Yomna for your great efforts to make this successful conference & thanks to all your team . You really did a good job


Amany Edris (Egypt)

Thanks and a great appreciation to all who contributed in the success of the conference & special thanks to Dr. Yomna for her efforts.

Congratulations to all of us and I hope to see you all soon.


Sama Sabry (Egypt)

Very inspiring and motivating team led by the iron, beautiful, intellectual, intelligent , caring and exceptional YOUMNA


Manal Amin  (Egypt)

I would like to thank each and everyone of you who took the time and effort to participate in the conference and make it a success specially those who travelled long hours to see our beloved country .. I really enjoyed your company .. ladies you are great

My friends the organizers .. you can move mountains


Maha Mahgoub (Egypt)

Congratulations for the conference successes;

Many thanks Dr. Yomna for your effort and the team work ; it was nice meeting business women from 18 countries; special thanks for Bahrain delegates;  wishing to meet you all ahain next year in Bwe21 conference Isa

Maha Mahoub

مبروك لنجاح المؤتمر وأود توجيه شكري للكتوره يمني الشريدي وفريق العمل علي مجهودهم ، وشكر خاص لجميع سيدات الأعمال من 18 دوله وخاصه سيدات أعمال دوله البحرين الشقيقة ؛ واتمني مشاركه الجميع فى مؤتمر جمعيه سيدات الأعمال في العام القادم إن شاء الله


Yasmeen Jamal (Bahrain)

Many thanks  Dr. Yomna and ur lovely  team. It was pleasure meeting u all

I hope to see u all in Bahrain  soon

Yasmeen Jamal


Sylvia Caravotas (South Africa)

Ladies, I didn't get the chance to bid you all farewell so I wanted to thank you all for an incredible trip. Yomna, many thanks to you and your team for a fantastic conference. Please stay in touch and let me know if you are ever in South Africa. Much love, Sylvia Caravotas

Hanaa Takey Eldin (Egypt)

Thank you so much Yomna for the surprise gift, it is very thoughtful of you.

Congratulations for a successful conference everything was well organized and thought of.

It is my pleasure knowing you all lovely ladies, hope to see you soon. Wishing you all the best of luck.

Thanks again Yomna.


Margrit Wolff  (South Africa)

Goodbye to all my new friends as I sit waiting for my flight in Cairo Airport.

Thank you everyone for your friendship and kindness.  I had a wonderful and memorable time. 

I look forward to seeing you all again and will be in touch via email.

I am now going to leave the What's App Group.

Good luck, Bon Voyage and my best wishes until we meet again.

Love, Margrit Wolff


Hanan Gewefal (Egypt)

Thank you very much dear Youmna and the organizing committee for the lovely conference trip. I really enjoyed it much. Love you all. Hanan Gewefel, BWE 21 Board member. See you next year. انشاءلله


Dr. Bahia Bejar-Ghadhab (Tunisia)

Dear Yomna and committee,

It was a pleasure for me to meet all of you and an honor to represent the CNFCE for the third Business Women of Egypt 21 Conference.

The conference was successful and had several strengths. I was impressed by the participation of more than 200 women who came from several regions: Africa, Asia, USA, Europe and the Middle East. This diversity allowed a rich exchange and networking. I am convinced that this kind of initiative will bring a worldview and peace because it will breaks received ideas and stereotypes.

I enjoyed the wealth of interventions and workshops. The presence of women ministers and their perseverance to achieve the projects that their ministries are implanting in Egypt are examples to follow. The project "My work is side of my house" is impressive and innovative and should be an example to follow in my country Tunisia.

All interventions provided inspiring ideas, the workshops allowed an exchange of our experiences and connections and business will be possible in the future.

The archaeological visits and the entertainment events were more than enriching in historical and cultural terms, I especially liked the visit of the temple Abu Sumbel.

To conclude, your lecture was a rich learning and exchange.

I want to thank Ms. Raoudha Ben Saber, president of the CNFCE for her effort to enhance women in Tunisia via the several projects. I also want to thank Ms. Fatima Giulliano, Regional Manager (MENA) of Business Women Partnership Project for her effort to allow the CNFCE the opportunity to take part of this conference.

Thank you for all your effort and commitment and hope to see you in Tunisia and make you discover my beautiful country.

Dr. Bahia Bejar-Ghadhab

Lamia Aboul Fadl (Egypt)

Net working is usually tuff, but you Yomna and BW team made it such a pleasure. I benefited a lot from the valuable sessions and meeting lovely ladies from various delegations.

Thank you again and look forward to many other successful conferences.

Lamia Aboul Fadl


Recommendations & Conclusions

We joined efforts with Women Business Associations from all over the world, and from Cairo Cinema International Festival, and have signed 5 Protocols with the Egyptian Ministry of Social Solidarity, with UN Global Compact, with BahrainBusinesswomen’s Society, with Jordan Forum for Business & Professional Women, and with Kurdistan Association for Business Women

The Conference succeeded to attract delegations from 18 countries to attend, namely, USA, UK, Germany, France, Canada, Italy, Netherlands, South Africa, Bangladesh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Kingdom of Bahrain, Iraq, Jordon, Algeria, Libya, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates, and Lebanon.

In addition, we joined efforts with Cairo Cinema International Festival to emphasize on the role of women in the economic development capitalizing, on media power in forming public opinion. 

We signed Five Protocols with the following:

-         Egyptian Ministry of Solidarity ; “Forsa” initiative for recruiting and training needy women and assisting them with work opportunities

-         Bahrain Businesswomen’s Society (BBS); to establish a practical frame work of cooperation for the empowerment and entrepreneurship of businesswomen of the private sector of the Kingdom of Bahrain and Egypt in accordance with the respective national laws and regulations of to accomplish reciprocal economic objectives.

-         Jordan Forum for Business & Professional Women (JFBPW); to enhance the contribution of  Jordanian and Egyptian women to economic and social development and supporting the national economy with qualified and trained women capable of establishing small and medium enterprises and enhancing their social and economic independence. 

-         Kurdistan Association for Business Women (KABW); to encourage and facilitate cooperation for the national women empowerment to achieve mutually shared economic objectives, and exchange professional and entrepreneurial and experiences that serves the purpose of this MOU.

UN Global Compact; cooperation in empowering women and providing workshops and training for them, introducing them globally, and assisting business women in raising the awareness and increasing their capabilities of the members.

Also, bilateral meetings will be held in 2017; in Italy during the month of September 2017, and in the Kingdom of Bahrain during the month of November 2017.

Conclusion & Recommendations

1-    WFS has succeeded to create an annual platform for business women from around the world to meet and exchange experiences and best practices.

2-    Business women networks are best venue to create professional relations, strategic alliances, and quality time among like minded people, and lobby to support women owned SMEs.

3-    Workgroup discussions on how to sustain your business in times of crisis in the following fields: Handicrafts

-         Fashion & Design

-         Real estate & Investment

-         IT & Technology

-         Training & HR

-         Service Industry

4-     B2B meetings will be arranged.

With the following conclusions:

1-    Devaluation of the Egyptian Pound favor export.

2-    Crisis times drives us to modify new ways to change your product and approach new markets.

3-    Investment in human capital

4-    Technology can save overheads, be more efficient and competitive.

5-    Handicrafts has to use materials from environment, upcycling.  Need to be useful and unique.

6-    There is continuous learning and updates to meet global challenges.

7-    Technology is moving at the speed of light. We need to invest to improve capacities.

8-    Overcome the procurement challenges.

9-    E-commerce and cloud based learnings are crucial to grow women owned businesses.


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