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Nadia El Shafei

HR Consultant & Local Partner –Middle East
r&s management consultancy

Brief about company

R&S Management Consultancy History

v  The company was founded in 1995 in Belgium  by  Roosen & Schellekens. R&S Egypt office has    started its operation since   2005  responsible for MENA  Region.

v  Nadia El Shafei was the co-founder of R&S- Egypt, and has got in a partnership with R&S International Management Consultancy in Belgium. The result of the partnership was a combination of local understanding with western experience and  technology that can bring considerable benefit to our clients.


Delivering Rigorous Talent Management

v  R&S has always focused on behavioral assessment because the inclusion of these techniques significantly enhances the rigor of an assessment process, over and above of using psychometric assessment methods alone.

v  Enabling people to demonstrate what they are capable of achieving is the most powerful evidence of performance and potential and we constantly measure this through the use of our greatest certainty model. We believe this unrelenting focus justifies our claim to being one of the leaders in behavior assessment and development.


R&S Management Consultancy Expertise

v  R&S Management Consultancy is considered as one of the first key player to implement the concept of Human capital &  talent management  Acquisition in  Egypt and GCC

R&S Egypt Founder

v  Nadia El Shafei, has built her expertise and solid qualifications in the Human Resources and Organizational Development. With more than 30 years of experience, Nadia holds Degree  of Doctor of  philosophy in Human Resources Management – Nixon University USA ,  a Master in Management of Learning and development  EAMS -Granada - Spain sponsored by Arab Academy for Science and Technology- Egypt, and  Bachelor degree   in commerce -Alex University-Egypt . 

v  Nadia has diversified experience with international organizations in Human Resources Management where as she held the position of HR Consultant for Aventis Pharma and Schering Plough., HR Director of Rhone Poulenc Rorer and Ezz Steels Mills ,  Glaxo – Welcome , HR Manager of Bank of Credit and Commerce.

v  She is a lecturer for MBA students  at Arab Academy for science and marine, and also for American University at Cairo  for human resources.

v  She has been Awarded the title of EXPERT for Enterprise Management Development Program by ITC (International Trade Center –Geneva)-Award Certified Coach for TOT international finance co corporation, Word Bank Group .

v  Nadia Is certified  Assessor for SHL, OPQ  and British Psychology society for learning and development.

Nadia El Shafei, MMLD, PhD

In Human Resources Management 

HR Consultant & Local Partner –Middle East 

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Contact Data

Address:- 25 Abdel Wahab Selim El Beshry St.,Plot 4 –Squre 1148 

Sheraton Helipolis ,Cairo-Egypt 

Land Line  :- 0020222688693

Fax            :- 0020222687074

Website      :-http://

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