It is a dream comes true
An initiative from the Egyptian Businesswomen to contribute to our Regional development.
“Women for Success…Leaders for Economic Prosperity” is our annual event to bring together Leaders from all over the world with the aim of creating a dynamic platform in Egypt for Networking, Capacity Building and International Trade. And best of all bonding leading to more understanding and long lasting friendship
Here we are gathering our efforts to unleash the potential of women, help her achieve her dreams and find tools to turn her passion into profit. Every woman has a unique talent, an outstanding dream and a vision for a better reality. In our conference we provide them with the necessary tools to turn their dream into reality and their passion into profit. We achieve our mission through a direct practical approach under the theme of “Turn your Passion into Profit”.

In our second year; we are offering a deeper understanding of the ECO system for growing and sustaining SMEs. Moreover, we offers capacity building workshops in the fields of Branding personal Leadership Style, Work-Life balance.

Digitization methodologies in the age of Information Modern tools to allow women to work smart with min basic resources.

This year through Empowering Women to create Economic Prosperity; we wish to attract more investment and tourism to Egypt, we allow the world to see the real image of capable successful Arab Business Women, and we learn from each success story.

Dr. Yomna El Sheridy
President : Business Women of Egypt 21

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