Our Strategy Our Strategy

BWE 21 Response to Reality

We recognize the significant economic challenges facing women in the
labor market and the importance of the role of BWE21 in addressing these

Our persistent pursuit of continuous progress to be at the top of the pyramid in
pushing the economic wheel of women in business
Our goal in forming a national platform to provide solutions and direct initiatives
related to the growth of women's SMEs in Egypt

We work within a strategic thinking and methodical long-term framework that
includes strategic directions, action and priorities that translate into operational
plans in order to achieve the vision and mission of BWE21 and its pioneering role
for women empowerment

Enhance The Development Of Bwe21 As A National Platform For Economic
Development, Attracting Partners And Donors to Design And Implement
International And National Initiatives And Best Practices That Serve The
Business Growth of Egyptian Women

Develop and build an economic information bank for the development of small and
medium enterprises for women
Contribute and raise awareness to eco-system that supports women in business at
the national level
Strengthen the building and management of strategic partnerships with government
and national stakeholders to provide national pilot programs in entrepreneurship
education, project management, vocational training, life skills programs and career
Develop and manage international partnerships to support businesswomen and the
development of Egypt's economy

Creating An Enabling And Stimulating Business Environment For SMEs
Growth Taking Into Account The Issues Of Entrepreneurship Support And

Enhancing the role of businesswomen, women leaders and women in senior
management positions in decision-making and shaping the future and trends of
economic development in Egypt.
Contribute to advocacy, law reform and policy development that support women's
work environment

Direct the social responsibility efforts of partners and the private sector as well as
directing multiple networks towards supporting the implementation of the strategy of
Design, implement and support awareness campaigns and organize annual
conferences and specialized workshops that contribute to the achievement of the
objectives of the association and achieve development goals.
Enhance the development of BWE21 as a national platform for economic
development, attracting partners and donors to design and implement national and
international initiatives as well as best practices that serve the business growth of
Egyptian women.

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