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Business Women Of Egypt 21

BWE21 is self financed and independent NGO striving to serve its members and the community at large. From the up to date information, BWE21 acquires by being part of Egypt’s most dynamic business grouping. BWE21 unites hundreds of companies and executives and plays a constructive role in the Egyptian economy. The strength of BWE 21 lies in its members who accomplish together what is impossible alone. Creating and enabling legal and regularity environment in order to increase access to finance and different markets as well as increasing access to training and business infrastructure is how BWE21 works, BWE 21 provides access to information and counseling to all members and tries to strengthen business associations. The strength of BWE 21 lies in its members’ unity that enables them to achieve accomplishments as a group effort.



5th “Women for Success” international Conference and Entrepreneurial retreat under the theme of “Globalization of SME’s - She Made IT” Cairo /Aswan 23-26 February 2019

From : 23 February 2019     To : 26 February 2019

5th annual Conference -Women for Success & Entrepreneurial Retreat Globalization of SMEs - “ She Made IT” Cairo /Aswan 23rd to 26th of February 2019.    New journey in Aswan’s serenity Venice of Upper Egypt in middl...

BWE21 Annual Sohur 2018

From : 29 May 2018       To : 29 May 2018

In BWE21 ANNUAL SOHUR 2018 you`ll have the chance to meet the new members in the association and know more about our activities and the distinguishing offers for our members while enjoying inspirable ... Read More

Women on Board

From : 14 May 2018       To : 14 May 2018

BWE 21 is a leading national organization concerned of making a difference in Egypt through women economic empowerment, BWE21 advocates “Women on Board” program that aims to increase women... Read More

Digital Marketing & Exporting

From : 24 Apr 2018       To : 24 Apr 2018

Ms. Enas Osama is register consultant in the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)   Digital Marketing & International Sales Strategy Digital marketing and... Read More


She Made IT

14 Apr 2018

“She made it” is an initiative to encourage female STEM education and empower STEM-educated women to establish their own businesses, through a series of events and workshops.

20th anniversary of the establishment of the society

11 Mar 2018

Celebrating the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the society and honoring the members of the association from more than 10 years and honoring a number of people with special needs

Women SME’s – World of Possibilities 17-21 February 2018

17 Feb 2018

The proceedings of the Fourth Conference ended with the conclusion of WOMEN FOR SUCCESS Women SME's - World of Possibilities


Abeer Attia Iskandar
HR Consultant / Training Director
Aida Zayed
Managing Director
Aisha Abdel Rahman
Business woman


- International Cooperation and Conferences:
It is a special committee for the annual conference arrangements and conferences in which the association participates and contacts with international organizations concerned with supporting the economic activity of women.

- STEM - Women in Technology:
To pay attention to the development of women's activities in the fields of technology and information and cooperate with the GPP to develop an annual plan to achieve the objectives of the Committee

- Training and Human Resources Development :
 Raising competencies and skills for working women and businesswomen through holding training courses adopting educational issues aimed at raising the level of female graduates and guiding basic education policies introducing businesswomen to how to deal with financial institutions, banks and the stock exchange

- Membership and Resources Development :
Bringing leading elements and providing special services to the members of the association Finding funding sources for training programs and various projects Activate the card discounts for the Assembly

- Media and Social Media:
Interested in the website of the association and contact with external parties and the issuance of any press release on behalf of the association

- Women on Board :
Take care of all activities related to supporting women in leadership positions and cooperate with the GPP to develop an annual plan to achieve the objectives of the Committee


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