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Business Women Of Egypt 21

BWE21 is a self-financed, nonprofit and independent NGO with members from a wide range of business backgrounds

We seek to achieve positive change for businesswomen and hence the Egyptian economy through our business development services, networking and international partnerships we offer to our members.

Our aim is to:

  • Develop and build an economic information bank for the development of small and medium enterprises for women
  • Contribute and raise awareness to eco-system that supports women in business at the national level
  • Strengthen the building and management of strategic partnerships with government and national stakeholders to provide national pilot programs in entrepreneurship education, project management, vocational training, life skills programs and career counseling
  • Develop and manage international partnerships to support businesswomen




From : 02 October 2018     To : 03 October 2018

The X MEDITERRANEAN WOMEN ENTREPRENEURS FORUM held at the Theater Jordan Chamber of Commerce in Amman on 2nd and 3rd October on topic "WOMEN IN TECH: THE WAY AHEAD". In line with the regional and technological changes currently defining the Mediterranean, this year&#...

Pricing & Market Challenges Presentation

From : 09 Sep 2018       To : 09 Sep 2018

•Profit & Loss (P&L) Review. •Price Components. •Cost Plus Method. •Target Cost Method. •Application:  Cost Plus Method– Product. &n... Read More

ECS Services

From : 18 Jul 2018       To : 18 Jul 2018

Presentation For the Services Provided by The Egyptian Commercial Office (ECS) & China Market  Read More

BWE21 Annual Sohur 2018

From : 29 May 2018       To : 29 May 2018

In BWE21 ANNUAL SOHUR 2018 you`ll have the chance to meet the new members in the association and know more about our activities and the distinguishing offers for our members while enjoying inspirable ... Read More


BWE21 Annual Sohour 2018

23 Oct 2018

2018 Annual Sohour

Pricing Strategic & Market Challenges

09 Sep 2018

Workshop about the pricing strategic & Marketing Challenges

Digital Marketing & Exporting

24 Jul 2018

Workshop about the Digital Marketing & Exporting


Abeer Attia Iskandar
HR Consultant / Training Director
Aida Zayed
Managing Director
Aisha Abdel Rahman
Business woman


- International Cooperation and Conferences:
It is a special committee for the annual conference arrangements and conferences in which the association participates and contacts with international organizations concerned with supporting the economic activity of women.

- STEM - Women in Technology:
To pay attention to the development of women's activities in the fields of technology and information and cooperate with the GPP to develop an annual plan to achieve the objectives of the Committee

- Training and Human Resources Development :
 Raising competencies and skills for working women and businesswomen through holding training courses adopting educational issues aimed at raising the level of female graduates and guiding basic education policies introducing businesswomen to how to deal with financial institutions, banks and the stock exchange

- Membership and Resources Development :
Bringing leading elements and providing special services to the members of the association Finding funding sources for training programs and various projects Activate the card discounts for the Assembly

- Media and Social Media:
Interested in the website of the association and contact with external parties and the issuance of any press release on behalf of the association

- Women on Board :
Take care of all activities related to supporting women in leadership positions and cooperate with the GPP to develop an annual plan to achieve the objectives of the Committee


Strategic Partners

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